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I originally posted this link to my Zodiacimmortal blog


I thought being as the holidays are almost upon us, that I’d post on  how to make a holiday bracelet to your own  jewelry, for gifts, and yourself! It’s something from the heart and if you make a bracelet you can make it work a gift tag (just stick it to the outside with the tag as a decoration or make the bracelet with their name on it and  use  ribbon  to wrap the gift, and work it so the bracelet is in the front as the tag!

They can use it as an actual bracelet, wrap for a notepad (to keep it closed and clippings inside), and other uses if they do not wear bracelets. (they may even put it on their rear view mirror)

Or you can make-your-own-earrings  (even for those that are not pierced, You just need to find the no-pierce backing) here’s a few designs I made over the summer for myself.

All designs 1 of a kind by ©Kim Marie Ostrowski (@kymoDragon)

Yu can make Necklaces, Bracelets & Earrings all with this one tool

If you are a crafter or may know one, you (or they) may like to get this Craft storage there’s a few sizes to fit your need.



What did you think ? Any suggestions, Ideas (for article or to better the blog) are welcome

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