Make a memory Jar

2014 Sea GLass Jar for aunt pamI made this for my aunt, who collects sea glass.

I thought it would be a cool idea to make something of a ‘memory’ jar.
I also included a tag (a journal tag/card)  and just decorated it with a few things.


Make a memory jar for this holiday season, be it Thanksgiving

(Acorns, pine-cone some small or 1 large depending on size of jar you are using) maybe a few leaves it’s all up to you.

For Christmas that family photo? Perfect, fit it inside and include something maybe a piece of each design of wrapping paper and put that inside, another idea instead of the wrapping paper would be white tissue paper (balled up esp. if it has the glitter on it (pref. silver or white) so it looks like snow glistening and then just include some of your own touches. a small crystal, an old earring or bracelet whatever.


For Vacation/Travel some ideas would be  Movie tickets, receipts, some sand, shells, sea glass and stones. A fake fish that may be native to the area (like a toy or a real one dried like I’ve seen Cape May have.)  anything you may want to save, coins from overseas.


I have my own but it’s an old candle holder with a bunch of tiny little colored shells (from Cape may) and has a few other things in it.



What did you think ? Any suggestions, Ideas (for article or to better the blog) are welcome

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