Valentine Ideas …time to start planning

So Valentines’ Day (which is also world singles day) is coming up. I thought these cute gift bags were a fitting way for us ladies to give that boyfriend, husband or just guy friend (or brother) a little something to let them know how much you appreciate them.

IF by chance any of you  is a guy looking for something special to do for your lady….  1…. Thank you &  2… There are some ideas on here you can do with your lady in mind (even if it says for us to give to you, you just have to be creative)

DIY shirt tie gift box with template

Give him a Beer lass made from his favorite Beer!   & a card to make the bag

make your own beer glasses this would be a great gift for my guy on valentines day!    k ⊱✿-✿⊰ Follow the Cards and paper crafts board. Visit GrannyEnchanted.Com for thousands of digital scrapbook freebies. ⊱✿-✿⊰

Valentine Gifts for him  &

Find the perfect gift for all the men in your life


Decor Our Reflection: Valentine's Day DIY Link Up Party! - Love this in the wedding colors for the timeline!

The following you can make for your boyfriend or your girlfriend

first make them a card from theheart

Pop up kiss card

gift bag/basket of sweets for your sweetie?

Candy poster...need some inspiration.  thinking about doing this as part of Zane's Valentine's Day presentCute 14 day of valentine gift for a husband. Or just because :)Great idea for when Justin is at AIT! (I guess this could fall under Military too)....    WJH

Some games

Wifey Wednesday: Valentine's Gifts For Your Husband | To Love, Honor and VacuumThis idea is PERFECT for Valentine's Day- my hubby will love this fun scavenger hunt!

Everyone wants to feel appreciated, even men. I think this idea is brilliant and I'd add some things to it for sure, but I absolutely love the idea. Thanks Ash!   *  Cute valentines idea my boyfriend made me :)   *   A gift for all 5 senses. Great way to be creative and favor the gifts your love likes.

http://’Fortune’ balloons 


Cute Valentine's Day Craft: DIY Date Ideas in a Jar

The perfect valentine packaging, great for guys and gals.  Maybe if I start today, I could have a few ready by Feb 14.  If not.... then next year!

Make your own


What did you think ? Any suggestions, Ideas (for article or to better the blog) are welcome

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