You’re the Heart on my Sleeve



Double the Pleasure Double the fun!!!  I have 2 projects for you being as Valentine’s day is coming!

For use in art class, at home etc. Make one for your lady or  your man crush, that special someone or  family members)

DIY Heart Knot diy crafts craft ideas easy crafts diy ideas diy crafts easy diy diy heart craft heartMake them a friendship bracelet with this heart knot, or use it to wrap around their gift (like a bow) Even better if you use a few different colors.. (if you got them something that’s a bigger sized box) White, Pink Red maybe even purple

This can also be used as a decoration, use a white rope, & Tye Dye it Pink & red maybe a little purple however you’d like this way you can make a ‘banner’ decoration out of it (or You can make one & then cut it apart then make another & the just sew back together however it’s easiest to  make the type of deco.

For those of you that are single but have a crush on someone…

I think I would likely try the knot for a crush rather than make them the bracelet! This way it shows more of a sign that I think of you as a friend/I like you than giving an actual piece of jewelry.

However Those of you that do know that your crush 100% for sure reciprocates your feelings for them,  (they like you as well)  Then Go ahead and make the bracelet!












Ladies make one for your best friend, Mom sis etc. Guys the same but definitely make one for your Girlfriend or wife  and Heart Bracelet


daughter Or niece! You get the ideas This wire looks like 16 or 18 gauge


Looks easy but if you do not have the type of pliers  try making the heart around a marker.















































What did you think ? Any suggestions, Ideas (for article or to better the blog) are welcome

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