Make your own ‘hand bag’ purse

Oh sadly I forgot to post the weekend craft project of the week!

Ugh  no instructions but I like that little gold one & the wooden box one as well

10 DIY bags!  Oh the lovely things: 60 DIY Accessories- Last Minute Gifts For Fashionistas

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9 thoughts on “Make your own ‘hand bag’ purse

      • or you can do that!! lol… I’ve seen a purse in a thrift store I’m sure someone made out of their jeans. Complete with lining (I took a picture but it so peeves me off that the memory card won’t load in my computer slot (or the printer one either) otherwise I’d look for it on the card and post it. Jeans are great for purses being they have that ‘heavy duty’ quality as long as they are actual Denim jeans and not from Old navy. Also you cold always use a knit/crochet hat, you’d just have to add something for a shoulder strap or some sort of handles.

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      • You can even turn a t-shirt into a tote bag I’ve done that before. One of the girls I worked with gave me some of her clothes to use for material for a blanket ‘quilt’ I’m making So I turned it into a bag, besides the fact she HAD made me one and I can’t find the dark thing, I sadly think I may have left it in a store somewhere

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