Craft adhesives

Different adhesives & what they work best on. #crafts #tips

I do like the tape runner as it’s neat esp. if you are pasting something into a book  and it’s thin & doesn’t add weight or thickness.

Glue dots are also good as well. I recently purchased a ‘gun’ for them & a couple extra boxes. These and the tape runner are great for making cards, scrap& smash books and other paper crafts.  & NO MESS!

Gorilla Glue I don’t recall ever using before, but I’d say is best kept for the heavy duty sort of crafting (wood metals etc) Just don’t get it on you!

E6000 & Tacky Glue I know I have not used  I even asked my father if he had herd of or used the E6000 and no. (To me that looks like something he’d use but I don’t know what for)

Mod Podge is used for decopauge (which can also be eaily made  if you run out with Elmer’s glue & some water) Or you can use it as elmer’s glue as well (again add a bit of water to mixture as I think this is much thicker than Elmer’s glue.

I wish I knew where our glue gun is. (Storage room I think) as I know I have some sticks here but not sure as if they are the proper size or not. Also remember it can be a bit messy



What did you think ? Any suggestions, Ideas (for article or to better the blog) are welcome

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