washi wood bracelets

If you have saved Popsicle sticks   (o you get can some at a craft store)  why not up-cycle them for something other than waxing,//diy: Washi Tape Wooden Bracelets// or stirring pain etc. Be creative and make a bracelet out of them!

First you need to drill or hammer a hole on each end for a string (unless of course you can get it to bend enough so that it will sit on your wrist without falling off. which is a very difficult task as at some point they tend to break)


2nd soak them in water so they will bend and be sure its in a container once you dump the water they can sit in and dry so the bend stays.

Maybe a cup, or a small Chinese take out soup container, you can even use those Gum containers that fit in the cup holders it all depends on how bent you need the bracelet to be in order to fit properly.


3rd  after soaking in water (I forget how long it takes) but let’s say over night… dump the water leaving the bracelets in container to dry so they can stay the shape you need.

4… Time to play with the washi tape! make them all one pattern or use a few, don’t have washi tape? use paint markers anything you please to decorate them


5. Use Mod Poge to ‘seal’ it all together (you may need a few coats) there’s matte and glass finish its up to you what look you want for yourself or to make for gifts etc.


6… if you did make the holes on either side, string through your hemp twine or whatever sort natural type chord you please.

7 wear and give out


Ideas for use….

School spirit, party pass (instead of those awful plastic things you get at concerts and clubs) and anything else you can think up



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