You’ve heard of a CAMEO

Let me introduce the KIMeo

So I thought it was about time I post something that I have worked on!

I wanted to make a cameo, but thought with all the black that if I did it,  the detail would be washed out. Knowing me I thought doing something ‘traditional’ that I would somehow screw it up, so I went with my own style besides

 I also really liked the way my hair looked in this photo  that I based the painting onDscn1603 so I thought to do my brown hair as well as various brown highlights.

Only problem now is I might have to try and make an upper lip so hopefully it doesn’t look so ‘pouty’ What do you think? leave your responses in the replies. Thanks

ok so it looks like a pouty face. one tiny mistake and but I'm proud of it.

The frame itself is  2  1/4 inch wide by 2  3/4 length I got it awhile back at a Hobby Lobby on clearance (never saw such a small canvas size)

If I had done a traditional one, Id likely have to use an 8×10 or larger just to fit the ‘full’ length of my hair on it. 

See how the pony tail is in this one on the right? I’d likely have to make a separate frame just to continue the profiles (with a bit more length of hair. (It’s slightly past my butt)


What did you think ? Any suggestions, Ideas (for article or to better the blog) are welcome

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