Reconciling My Sense of Style: What I Want vs What I Actually Wear

Costumes and Fashion


I was hoping to have my tweed skirt done by today but it looks like that isn’t going to really happen. Instead I’ll talk about having to deal with the fact that what I enjoy wearing and what I actually wear are usually very different styles. I’ll start with what I’d like to wear every day, if I could:

A basic break down: fitted tops, circle skirts that hit just above the knee, pencil skirts, blouses with bell sleeves, pinafores, cute heels or flats, a silhouette that frames an hourglass figure, basically a blend between 50’s and ‘romantic’ fashion that is decidedly feminine. I like printed fabrics, especially novelty and florals in most colors except for very bright hues, neons, metallics, and pastels. I’d really like to stop wearing jeans so often, or shorts, mostly because wearing a dress or skirt is easier in my experience. I also like…

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