Colouring Books for Adults – The New Craze

I still like to color, and I will admit I do own a couple of children’s coloring books smurfs & Garfield!! But I do have one or 2 adult ones

Jade's Library

Title: Enchanted Forest

Author: Johanna Basford

Rating: 5/5

A few weeks ago I walked into my local Waterstones store (one of my favourite places, I could spend days in there and not get bored) and was presented with a display of beautiful colouring books and a sign that read, ‘Not just for children!’.

Ever since I worked for Hobbycraft, I have become obsessed with different creative hobbies: card making, knitting, drawing, decoupage. Now, I say I’m creative, but I’m just no good at drawing or painting freehand. So colouring seemed like a great outlet for some of my creativity. Back in December, I actually brought a Christmas themed colouring book but I felt like I needed a more summer book for this time of year. So I brought ‘Enchanted Forest’ by Johanna Basford. And I LOVE it!

Colouring is an extremely relaxing, almost therapeutic, activity. You feel productive, and get…

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