I Love My Old Jeans…

I am the same way as well. When an idea gets in my head I just try to work it out there, and if I can’t then I start on figuring out HOW I need to do what I want with whatever the supplies and tools I have at my disposal. I am just trying to figure out how she did the flip over to make it a messenger bag. (I wish people would do a video explaining (even if it isn’t actually while MAKING the item Yeah I’m saying that meanwhile I’m sure some of you would like a video for some of the things I did. (Sadly on my camera i can’t pause the video while recording, and I don’t know how to ‘splice’ 2 or more videos together.

Mrs. Twinkle

It’s hard to throw away a favorite peace of clothing, especially jeans. I love my jeans! And find it really difficult to get rid of them, even if they’re worn out and stressed at the knees. So if they have to go, then at least in style. In this case their new life is as a bag for my god daughter.

Go through your wardrobe and sort out all your old jeans.

(I mean the really old ones, right at the bottom of the pile)

© Mrs. Twinkle

This is the difficult bit. You have to cut them up.

© Mrs. Twinkle

I’m not the best seamstress, I have an idea in my head and then sort of make it up as I go along.

(As you can see with a lot of pins…)

© Mrs. Twinkle

Then comes the fun bit.

© Mrs. Twinkle

© Mrs. Twinkle

Et voilà!

© Mrs. Twinkle

© Mrs. Twinkle

© Mrs. Twinkle

I couldn’t resist putting my stamp on it

© Mrs. Twinkle

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