10 DIY winter crafts

(just click pic below)

This would be one I’d have to do, though my socks don’t look that long

Got an ‘ugly’ sweater? Put at least some of it to use!

DIY Sweater Slippers

DIY Hand Warmers by planb.annaevers #DIY #Handwarmers:


8 thoughts on “10 DIY winter crafts

    • You as well!! If Youa re into beauty I will soon be doing a post on my beauty blog on my nail art collection. and am currently trying to think of what I can do for videos for crafts has to be under 15 minutes to do and no idea how to edit on you tube so something I won’t have to edit anything.(like No multi clips I’d have to splice together that sort of thing

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      • I film everything in my iPhone. I do the video once through, with no splicing. However the phone has iMovie and you might be able to do some fun things with that. And it uploads it to YouTube way easier than the computer does. I think the under 15 min is a great idea. Do it! 🙂 Best wishes. Koko


      • I need more ideas for videos and say no one hoe to bother me to do them! I do have if I haven’t already mentioned) a nail art collection video to make a post out of. & prob. a few images as I forgot about a few things!

        Shoot today I should have made videos of cooking & baking etc! And it’s just me & four cats!! Hope you have a happy new year (for me in) 2 1/2 hours

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      • Pick a day and one thing and make it happen. I to have a hard time with making videos as I have 13 four legged friends and a family and 2 acres to manage. I stress about how much available time I have to get a certain amount of things done. I’ve had to pick one thing and do it. It isn’t always easy but I manage it ok. I get disappointed when I don’t get certain things done. Balancing…making the balance happen. I still work on it! Happy New Year! I am hopeful for success! 🙂 Koko


  1. its more along the lines of I have no where to really record. I usually ahve to wait til everyone is out of the house and frankly I don’t like our apt. for making the vids. And I hate getting dressed just to make a vid! Not to mention I have to clear the coffee table off or whatever it is (if a craft) to record on (think background like) OMG 13 4 leggy furbabies?!?! Do you run a zoo/sanctuary?? or just a farm?


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