2016 Sewing project #1 ~upcycling jeans to an apron

So I was looking through my Fabrics & Sewing Pinboard  for inspiration for something to make> I remembered there were a DSCN6177few things I wanted to make…

apron for craft/tag sales, but when I looked at it, I thought, well I don’t exactly do craft shows so maybe I’ll see what I can do with upcycling a favorite pair of jeans.    I’m going to try to make it in a way that I can use it when it’s not an apron.

tablet ‘bean bag’ and those pyramids things that cost $30 & up to lean your book or tablet against (and had pockets etc. )

The right side I am trying to remove, to use for the pyramid! (its 3 pockets on that side, so one for a stylus, pen, and whatever and then when I find something I can make the pockets (organizer areas) on the other sides.

Between the 2 projects, I’ll only use the waist as seen in the picture, and one of the legs (as so far estimated) I don’t use patterns even when working on something from scratch, (and this is not from scratch as it already had a shape and got used! I mean  when I have ‘fresh’ fabric. I just pin what I need, in the way I need it one step at a time


So I started this the weekend of 8 or 9th of January, not sure if I could have done the whole thing within the weekend but there’s other things we have to do throughout the day, right?!


Step 1:  Cut the legs off  (I think I did so about 2-3 inches from the point of the back pocket.

step 2: we need to de-thread the waist band from the front part of the jeans (where the pockets are)

step 3: now one side along the hip needs to be de-threaded (un-threaded?) but once you get it off, save this for another project you could use pockets on.

Step 4: sew along the line to close off the waist band careful NOT to sew the pocket area back into the waist band… that is supposed to be a hidden pocket/tote.

step 5. I used heat bond for the fold over & where the zipper used to be, as I wanted  ‘hidden’ pockets and tote.

step 6:  sew along the top of folded area and bottom (if there’s enough room & you’d like add some embroidery like your name or your business etc)  I sew this because I don’t know what I’ll be putting in the hidden tote area.

step 7: sew up where the zipper area is

step 8:  I still have to figure out how to close this off so it looks somewhat like a book cover and able to really use it as a 2 (or even 3) in 1.

Supplies I used

(via Amazon)

Old pair of jeans
spool of thread that (closely)matches the color previously used on the jeans.(especially if there’s a design on the pockets)

(I think I saw the color in this) Name Your Link
Equinox Tailor’s Scissors – Dressmaking, Upholstery Shears 8 inch – Chrome Handle Lightweight Strong Shears – High Quality Stainless Steel – Best for Cutting Fabric, Carpet, Dresses, Altering, Sewing, Tailoring and Raw Materials (8 inch)

Dritz Quilter’s T Pins, 1-3/4-Inch, 40 Count

Dritz Deluxe Seam Ripper

Clover Leather Coin Thimble

Thermoweb Heat’n Bond Ultra Hold Iron-On Adhesive-17″X36″

here’s the semi finished 2 in 1 apron  (I just have to sew certain areas)


So for my first project article of the year please tell me what you think, if I was missing anything and how you would like me to improve upon this.


and for those of you who have a kindle… get the Craftsy app free..here Craftsy Classes (beta)  They have classes of all sorts including ones for free! I have posted some to my wishlist on there so I have them saved for a time I can pay attention to them.


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