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I am into quite a few crafts, not much scrap-booking but I do have some of the stuff around, in case I use it for that or make use of it for something else.

I will cover anything I can think of as well as anything friends of mine can (if they do a write up  and ) send it to me or directly contribute; and as far as frequency of posts will go, I’d say at least 3 times a week (if not more)

 Post Schedule

Frequency I like post on a monthly to bi-weekly, rate as it helps get in practice on that project and even gives time to make a few if I decide to make a few for gifts or to try to sell.

Miscellany mix Mondays, Can be anything (or a day I take a break)

Tuesdays  Up-cycle (or another day off)

Wire (work)  Wednesdays ,

Thread Thursdays,

‘Filigree’ Fridays   Usually I post a Jewelry project but is basically something that will likely take a little practice c& you might want to learn how to do and make a few for gifts too

Scrappy Saturday (for when I find scrapbook stuff to post)

Contacts   Twitter @kymoDragon    * facebookKimMarieOstrowski    * Email Craft Crums *  About.me

As far as what I will likely post, is beading, (stuff I’ve made) or how -tos (some of which may end up being posted by a link to hubpages as I already had some of the information already written before I made my blogs. I’ll likely have some on how to make jewelry or find videos (if I am still learning)

I can also help with journaling but that might be more for my Miss Musings blog even if in ways it can be a craft (especially if you are a smash-book fan, draw in it etc.)

I will also post anything I come across that I like and will try to include a page of links for reference, which has actually turned out to a few depending on what type of craft plus other reference information on those pages as well!

I have made a page of  in stock items  as well as an order form if you’d like me to make you your own custom item.

(everything really is custom even if you do not personally order as I do not make 2 things exactly the same,  sometimes Its subtle but oftentimes quite noticeable. for instance, it could be the same exact design but it will be in varying colors like a green a red, the metal (hooks links etc) may be deifferent, the beads may be the same but a different color etc. be it requested or not



If you want to share my article using the proper outlets (the buttons below each article) without my consent is fine. Otherwise

If you want to use any content or images (for reports etc)  please contact me first(it’s best by Facebook or twitter) or use the contact form . Some posts are re-blogged and cannot give the consent for those, but others I have done the research etc work.   You need to ask first please Same for pictures (as some are my own)

Feel free to refer back here anytime, though!


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