How to Make a Bracelet

Holiday Earrings and Bracelet set

Elastic Magic

Every now and then I come up with a themed idea for a bracelet etc, something holiday like this bracelet, for someone who celebrates Christmas. Also because sometimes I end up with another idea or 2 after I make the original I just end up making a couple (but NEVER the same). Sometimes I like the way a design came out so much I end up making one for myself. When I make anything even if they look the same there is something always different so that EVERYONE has a one of a kind design by me. (Usually, it’s a bracelet, but no matter what kind of jewelry I never make the same thing twice). So here I will try my best show you as well as explain the one I started already as well as what else I am going to do to it.

I prefer to use the elastic string when I make my bracelets as they have a few different thicknesses (& I have at least 3 of them noted in here) more on this coming up.

Bracelet basics supplies

*1 roll of the Elastic chord or jewelry wire

* Bead Reamer

* Beads

*’Embellishment’ beads (like the Hard Candy ones)

Crystals (optional)

*Spacer beads


Elastic Cord

Elastic Chord comes in a variety of sizes  (& now come in a variety of colors not just clear, white or black



.8mm  (I think this was the one I used for this bracelet because of the heavy ‘hard candy’ beads)

As I previously mentioned use the thickest cord for the heavy beads (if the holes are big enough otherwise you might want to double even triple the 1 mm cord.)

I don’t make jewelry from the ‘patterns’ that you can find in stores (on those pads) as well I prefer to make original ideas I don’t like any 2 of my designs to be the same. They may look it but usually are not, I may have done the reverse of the original, added a few extra elements and so on. In the video, you will see what I mean compared to the intro picture. Not to mention I do not always have enough of a color or one of the beads to make repeats. (I think most of the beads (on a string) I’ve come across I purchased at a discount store so I just use them as the accent, a fancy touch, but one way or another its very limited use.

but should you go for using


I have a variety them. Silver, Gold, Copper and Brass and as mentioned I have a pack of colored (but not enough to make a fancy bracelet)

Wire is usually noted in size by gauge.

16 Gauge



32 (thinnest I have)

I do have one that says it’s 26 lb test strength  which I do remember I bought in Hobby Lobby 2 others I got there does not give me either but .38mm and .46 mm


Swarovski Crystals

I love to use Swarovski Crystals when I make jewelry; usually, on what I make for myself as they are a little expensive if you need more than what’s in a package.

I do love the cobalt blue color! (sadly I have not seen this color anywhere again)This and the blue mix is good for the Yule or Haunnakha themed jewelry. I also got a Red mix as well as a green for those who celebrated Christmas.

Honestly, I’ve seen some Swarovski crystals they are so nice and sparkly I’d rather have that as an engagement ring.

Don’t wait to make ‘holiday’ bracelets

make a variety for different holidays as well as for birthdays & other jewelry for gifts for family & friends. They don’t even have to be holiday themed. Make them something with their favorite color(s). A great idea for a Birthday gift would include their birthstone; or just a favorite type of stone they like the look of, like mine would be Lapis Lazuli. Even better make them their own matching set, earrings, Necklace & bracelet & if you can a ring)

The look on their face = p

see the Process & progress

When I get the inspiration to make something the idea just pops into mind, of certain beads I have, and which to use. The picture in my head may not be a perfect picture but enough that once I have everything gathered I I get going. Sometimes putting it together it doesn’t look right & then I have to pull what I just did off & retry another look.

When I make something more decorative like the one above or the current one I started, I try working from both sides so it ends up being even & so that if one side doesn’t look right I can do it a different way on the other to see which would look best and then I go with what I think looks better.

Sometimes I may draw a picture but if you read my other lenses, I cannot draw well enough to include details etc. to see how it would look. (I am using this process to figure out how I want to make a pair of earrings.

As I mentioned in the introduction about there being a different size (thickness) of the elastic String (there is also different gauges .. for the wire to make jewelry as well) some beads have thin narrow holes to string on, some are bigger. If you can remember to use the THICKEST elastic for heavy beads (what peeves me off though is when they make the hole so small. I don’t have a bead drill, I do have a reamer which if a hole is not fully open, you can use to clear it up.

I do have some jewelry drill bits I can use to open it up a bit but I do it by hand.

Holiday themes Supplies & ideas

– Elastic cord or jewelry wire (I used .7mm Elastic chord)

– colored crystals (2 dif. sizes) Red & Green or blue hues

-colored beads Christmas = Red and green

Yule/Solstice = Light (baby blue or ice blue) a medium blue & white purple too)

Haunakah = light & dark Blue + star of David

-Spacer beads (just find ones you like, you think will go with the theme)

I have some beads not sure where they came from but they are clear with the color inside. These do not look right & look more like something for use by children.

You want to find beads that are solid in color or have a silver ‘inlay’ as it makes the color come out more.

My Holiday Bracelet

As usual I make one like it & get another idea SO this 1 I made for me.(I'm taking off the big 1/2 green 1/ bead on it, as it throws design off)
As usual I make one like it & get another idea SO this 1 I made for me. (I’m taking off the big 1/2 green 1/ bead on it, as it throws design off)

More supply and tools suggestions

* krimpers – you only need if you get the crimp beads & use wire.

*REAMER- you really might want to look into getting one or a set as

sometimes the hole in the beads are not fully open so you need to use a reamer to open it & file the edge a bit. Here I have included a set for a nice price for those of you starting out!


*Jig (and/or) Spiral maker

**Jump rings needed for adding Charms making earrings etc.

*Needle files

*Hammer, I have the 2 sided Rubber & Plastic one. THere are also other types depending on what you are making and working with

Jewelry Plier set (Flat Head, Needle Nose, Round Nose…)

Supplies Suggestions

Sort of funny in an ironic way

The day after I made this lens, I went to the store I bought the ‘hard candy’ beads from and they had some spacers & a few others things CHEAP like a package of the color wire at a really good price which I sadly couldn’t even come close to finding it on other sites for that price. At walmart… They had 2 cards left of the spacers that big ‘Hardcandy’ bead is surrounded by. So now maybe I can make a few gifts! Let’s hope I can use the green ‘candy’ one.

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