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20 Awesome Ideas On How To Turn Regular Old Trash Into Treasure

Source: 20 Awesome Ideas On How To Turn Regular Old Trash Into Treasure

DIY Framed Chalkboard Wall

Our son is getting to the age where he can almost color without trying to eat his markers and crayons (the keyword there is almost), however, he still attempts to scribble on the wall any chance he gets. Despite getting him a small IKEA table for all of his creative pursuits, he seems not to want to be confined to paper so we figured if coloring on the walls is what he wants then coloring on the walls he shall get. We have always been admirers of chalkboards…the rustic kind that you see in old schoolhouses in black and white movies. We figured a chalkboard would not only be nice for doodling and writing the dinner menu on but also as a fun educational medium to teach letters, words, and concepts.


We did toy around with the idea of painting an entire wall, which has become popular these days, but…

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15 Great Ideas For A Corner Just For Men

You’ve heard of Man caves but not all of us have that sort of room, so why not a corner?

 I liked this for my dad, and our neighbor uses the crossbeams of his garage for his. (But I think this could use a drawer or something on the bottom to store extra reels) Let me tell you.. Our neighbor could use some of these ideas for his garage. He uses something then the next time he needs it, he can’t find it! If my dad and I are there we both end up looking for it!

I love the coat hangers they show, but how am I supposed to get a hold of The Hulk to do that for me?  The Picnic table!!! Oh…My SUN GODS!

 15 Great Ideas For A Corner Just For Men