‘K3O’ Jewelry and Crafts

Kim's Knock Out CustomCrafts & Jewelry

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Knock Out jewelry

Summer 2014 earrings

My 2014 Summer (Personal) collection NOT FOR SALE

I wanted to use my initials for a name for the jewelry I make But something different as well for the ‘creations/crafts’

So the first 2 thoughts I had is Knock Out Jewelry and Kim’s Kustom Kreations. To put the 2 together how does K3O (For Knock out Jewelry and Kim’s Knock out Kreations (or Kim’s Kustom Knock out jewelry) together?

For those of you that have seen some of what I have already made for myself and others as well,  I thought I’d include a price list for Ordering (or repair) as well as what I currently have in stock to use to make something for you. Stock items NOW AVAILABLE (earrings etc) for sale,

If you’d like to see some of my Previous Creations (Either made for myself or already sold) You can check out my ‘Creative Link Facebook Album’ (the link should work even if you are not a member!)

KO Jewelry by Kim Marie Ostrowski

Guarantee :

1. All jewelry I make is one of a kind! I will not make any (exactly) the same and comes with a card of Authenticity. If you see anyone else wearing the same, someone copied me!

2. If I do get a  bulk amount of something then there might be some bracelets or something I make that may be the same, but will be a limited run. This is used for fund raising to donate money to my favorite Charity (Best Friends Animal Sanctuary) even though

3. a portion of any and ALL sales is donated to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

4. If you have something made by someone else or store bought and want it fixed, I will be happy to help. Contact me for inquiry.  I charge $5-$20 (toward supplies and time etc) depending on what needs to be replaced,  fixed, or Up-cycled .

(always be sure to send the whole items Beads, Fasteners etc (even if broken) this way I can get it back as close if not ‘perfectly’ to what it was.)

5. Warranty -I would like for it to be fully UNlimited but sadly it’s not possible for at least one reason; some items I have are for a limited time

Unlimited– for changing a broken clasp, stretched out chord,  anything that is kept in stock. or anything that is loose.

                         LIMITED-  Replacing beads. As long as long as I or the store still has that (or a similar) bead in stock, I will fix it. Under the warranty.  Otherwise

What I need to fix item under either warranty!

1. send all the pieces you can save,  Mostly and especially the beads if a bracelet or necklace broke,  and I will use the beads  to fix. If there are not enough to recreate your item (and I nor the store have any left in stock) I will ‘Upcycle’ for instance a  necklace  into a bracelet. (or if you want to keep it a necklace, I will include some other beads I can find)

2.  Note what the problem is and if it’s too loose or too tight, what is broken etc. & Include a phone number to contact you if I have a question.

3. you need to send me a picture (online if you can) or even look through my facebook ‘Creative Link’ Album for my crafts so I know what was yours and what it looked like. (this way if it’s replacing beads I can check  the stores before I receive it and see what may match it!)

3.   send the item with  $5 for postage and handling  to mail back

4. Also note If I do not have all the materials to fix an Item to what it originally was, Please make note what to up-cycle the materials into (earrings, Bracelet, etc). If you want earrings please note pierced or not (only Silver & Gold are available for non-pierced earrings)  & Silver, Brass, Copper or gold, & Black* for pierced .

NOT for sale

/\  My 2019 PERSONAL collection /\

                         What’s In Stock?  

     Kim’s Knock Out Customs and Crafts Etsy store has closed  due to the site’s latest changes for shop owners.  I am currently working on settin up a WIX website; until then, please contact me  via  

  Twitter @kymoDragon    * facebookKim  or  Email Craft Crums 

       I have currently been working on some digital items as well some templates  to name one..I have a


*Captain’s/Fishing Log        Digital  $3.00     Print  $5  

 Fishing log                           Digital $1.25     Print  $2 

Necklace & earring sets

Pretty in Pink                                                                    Peachy Keen



Golden Globes

dainty-dangles-gold-balls      golden-glam   teasured-pearl

Cascading Crystals

img_20160717_123731  leprechauns-treasure luck-of-the-irish-earrings     pixie-pink-crystal-earrings   red-and-gold-crystal-drop spiral-earrings

Shapeshifter  & Yule Balls


Fabric Earrings

square-puprle-and-green-fabric-earrings    triangle-purple-fabric-earrings

Magnetic Personalities

Beads usually are magnetic hematite but some are not magnetic.

hematite-mag-snowmansquared-circle-earringshematite-dancercosmos-of-hematite-earrings(not magnetic)


When Ordering please note ‘Chandelier’ number and what crystal colors you want.  

1 Crystal    #1  Square Maze                                                               $10                                                                                          #2 & 3 Knotwork Earring & pendant set                $15 per set

3 crystals   #4 Sun God                                                                       $20                                                                                            #5 & 6 Tear Drops                                                           $20 each set                                                       5 crystals   #7 & 8 ‘Henna’                                                                  $25                                                                                              #9 & 10    Moon Goddess                                                                  $25

Beach Bums Boogie!

rainbow-choker purple-surfgreen-sea-stone



2019 Line

Mass of Brass                  Brass FlowerBalls (close up)             Stacked & flat pairs (close up)


Wrapped around my heart                   Copper Spirals                                      Lunar Lanterns

Blue metallic crystals                                         blue drops                                                  shinny sun catchers

Matte Sun catchers                       Heart of copper                   metallic silver Sugar skulls           Steel flower





Washi cards or envelopes



Artist Trading Card  I made of my own Poem. Can be used as a bookmark

These are pictures I colored, sold as print or digital item  (or can be used as image on printed) stationery


“Made to order”  custom request pricing

*Items are usually made with Elastic chord or Nylon (wire available and non refundable)

Item   $$ base $$ # Crystals fit
Anklets & Bracelets $5  & Up up to 3
Earrings   1pr $5 & Up 2 (per)
Necklace $15 & up 6
Repairs / Upcycling $5-$15
Rings* $5 & up 1-3

NEW!!  Chokers   Ribbon or Leather chord     $5 -$15

Fabric Earrings $10  and pendants $5

Shrinky Dink charms  (email or I scan) image and shrink for jewelry

Book Thongs

Charms (request picture of what’s in stock)

*Beaded Rings  for $5 have seed beads with 1 crystal on them (and elastic cord is used)

*Wire Rings  start @ $10 and up

Customer Information to be included & Customizing

Item to be purchased, earrings, Bracelet, Ring,   Necklace, pendant Necklace

Color You want (choose up to 4 in case I don’t have enough of one or 2)

Size  (Wrist, Neck, Finger  ring-size-how-to*  in Inches or .mm

Fit    Snug or Loose   (For Bracelets & Chokers)

important: Rings will automatically be made a little ‘loose’ to the measurement you give me so they can be  worn in the spring & summer  as our fingers swell during this time.

Options  if Ring, or Bracelet do you want it made with elastic cord, Filament  or wire?

Earrings    Pierced or not (and metal color)

Pierced hook earrings available in   Metal colors noted below + Black*

Non- pierced earrings available ONLY in Silver and Gold

Metal:  Silver, Gold, Brass, Copper,

* I will not be held liable if measurement you gave me comes out too big or small

* WIRE rings are made by request and cannot be returned

Give it your own personality!

Pendants                                                                                                      $5 & up

Generic  Bicone ‘crystals’         2 for  $1.00 for the large     4 for $1 for the small                                                                          Red Blue Green ‘Topaz’ & Pink available

Swarovski Crystals 

 Bi-cone  Small -Large $1.00  each      Miscellany crystals (size or shape)  are $2.00 & up

Swarovski  Colors   in Stock

Small – Green(Olive) Sparkly, Dk. Green ‘Frost’ Lt. Green, Purple (variations)   Dk. Purple* Squares  Dark Green  Yellow, Blue (cobalt) , Lt. blue , Med. Navy Blue,  Black Smoke, Purple Mix, Pink & Dark Pink, Clear, Copper/Black   &  Silver/Black 

Large– Red Apple, Dk. Red (Blood) Blue Clear, Lt. Green, ‘Olive Green’ Lg. Yellow,/green  Orange mix, Lavender Mix, Smoke

*Limited ($2.00)    Dark Purple Squares, Light Blue, Flat ‘frost’ Red, Pink, Lt Green, Tear drop purple,  Yellow Dangle ‘Frost’ Green

‘real’ ? Pearl & Black Pearl

Spacer * Beads

*Butterfly   Star, Turtle, Heart, Flower, Dragon Fly, Large Ball, Large ‘UFO’, *bell,  Hollow star Brass, Copper or Bronze Spacers  available as well.

*check on availability


Gift tags and Bags please note what occasion you need it for, or a specific print (like Batman) you need it in


Cardstock    $3 each  (includes laminating if interested)     or 5 for $10

Book Thong (Jewelry for your journal or book)

Shrinky Dink  $5

Fabric    Plain- (design already on fabric and hand sewn around with Ribbon) $3

Solid Color with iron-on images $5

Laminating-  $2      up to 4×6    (send a clipping you want as a bookmark)

Fabric Gift Tags

Utility’ tag                            $5    each                                                                                                    (Hand Sewn, Includes name if given and is reusable as Ornaments, bookmarks, hide money, and more)

20 Basic tags                      $10                      plain fabric tag  (no names or special sewing done)

 Fabric Gift Bags                 $5 each

Pillowcases, pan handles, Change Purses, Fabric Earrings, Bags, Business card holders, and anything else that comes to mind.

  Please always check on availability of a color, bead etc when ordering a Made to order custom item. Some items are limited and will no longer be available, while others can be ordered.


I must receive the money via Cash, U.S. or International Money Order or Paypal  along with your in stock order.  For Custom orders it is best to contact me first with

Paying via Paypal   (if widget does not show Please go to my original K3O page & scroll down to payment to order.)  or contact me for information.

Customer Information Customizing

Item to be purchased, earrings, Bracelet, Ring,  Necklace, pendant, bookmark, Template

Metal:  (for Earring hooks or wire)    Silver, Gold, Brass, Copper, Black (hooks)

Color  Crystal colors/size  (choose up to 4 in case I don’t have enough of one or 2)

Size  Note for (Wrist, Neck, Finger  ring-size-how-to*     & #in Inches or .mm

Fit    Snug or Loose   (For Bracelets, Anklets, Chokers & rings)

Options:  Wire, Filament, or  Elastic Chord (for Rings, Bracelet or anklet)

Leather (black) Chord  or White Faux Leather for Bracelet or choker

Earrings  (Pierced or not)  Non-pierced come in Gold or silver ONLY                                       Spacer beads

Shrinky Dink items (include images)

Base Price

Custom orders need to pay  the ‘Base price’as deposit upon giving me the order.

Postage & Handling   $3 within the U.S.

In stock items ship within 1-2 weeks from date I receive order.  Custom orders I try for the same but may be a little longer.  (If you included an email address or phone number I will contact you when it is mailed)

Please do not forget to add $3 for the postage in U.S.   I will in NO way mail your item until I receive payment for postage.

Canada & Overseas I will get a quote for postage cost before mailing In stock & custom items

*(Name and Email required in form for proof of person and to contact you.)

[contact-field label="Name" type="name" required="1"/][contact-field label="Email" type="email" required="1"/][contact-field label="Questions" type="textarea"/][/contact-for


What did you think ? Any suggestions, Ideas (for article or to better the blog) are welcome

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