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To start if you are just starting and want to get some supplies for your sewing, scraping, quilting, beading ‘crafts’, Crochet & Knitting  as well as Kids crafts  needs. Checking it out & looking through it, I found this site reasonable (even the shipping) and it has my favorite beading brands!

need to get these for myself

What Should you charge to sell it?

price formula

Find more on my pinterest.kymodragon/

Metal stamped letter sizing


Make your own Rubber Stamps

(or instead of the speed ball just use carving tools)

Stamp carving tutorial

Other & assorted Crafts

Cork crafts

xstitch-patterns/ by my friend Lisa



Find more on my pinterest.kymodragon/

also look in the Writing board, Holidays, Halloween, as well (& there might be more in a few others)


Modern Do it yourself Lifestyle   Andrea’s Notebook

DIY Cozy Home 

Go make something

Heart Handmade UK

Hobby Craft

J D Craft school



My Digital Art studio 

Patchwork Pottery

Pattern Pile ( a video on how to shorten a zipper in the freebies section)

Pattern Pile PINTREST board

PepperBox couture 

Sarah Cath Crafts


What did you think ? Any suggestions, Ideas (for article or to better the blog) are welcome

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