paper doll

Use a paper doll to design your fashions first

Sewing Projects & references (you can also see more on the reference & links page)
 may-sew-crazy-challenge- + top-10-things-every-sewist-needs.html *

Bite Sized Sewing
This is a cool idea for a variety of things school (on your notebook for classes),  journal; especially a travel one, that you may want to keep business cards in from where you went, receipts, and other small souvenirs. Also Keep one on your day planner for things you may have to mail (just be sure to make one big enough to fit card size, the long business envelopes, and the small personal ones in)

Taking body measurements

Find more on my pinterest.kymodragon/  also look in the Writing boards as well (& there might be a few others)

Design your own clothes

 Sewing cheat cards on

Custom Fabric


Sewing 101 - Fabric Uses

scrap-happy 50-fabric-scrap-ideas-free-patterns/  <– this has all sorts of ideas for scraps and some of them look petty quick to make! great for stocking stuffers (or if anyone gets purses, or suitcases make them something  (there’s a camera strap, wristlet, waterbottle tote, a hand bag, a toiletry bag, and loads more!)

Pintrest Boards  Sewing ideas  *  sew-for-the-kitchen.html

25 things to sew in under 10 minutes     from




What did you think ? Any suggestions, Ideas (for article or to better the blog) are welcome

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