Make your own reuseable Snack Bags

I had searched for one to use for my purse for when I’m out on errands etc. A lot of the time I end up having to leave the house without eating or I’m just not hungry but after a few stops need something to eat.  Plus in case I forget to put a new granola bar,  Belvita biscuts or whatever else I usually throw in my purse, I will at least have something for back up. Now I didn’t see what sort of lining was usually used, so I had purchased a custom 4×3 size snack bag on etsy from this shop Man I love this thing! I just have to find the fabric so I can make a few as gifts. Currently the shop has some of the reusable snack bags for $3.00 a piece  She uses some sort of not sure if it’s nylon fabric for the inside, but it’s not a regular fabric. I did a search and Found what the fabric is called ~ water resistant ripstop nylon

Here’s one with a sandwich bag 


as for  How to Make Your Own Reusable Snack Bags I looked through this, and frankly it looks like she just uses regular cotton type fabrics, which will likely get messy and frankly your sandwich or snacks to get stale by the time you eat them.

How to make homemade reusable snack bags

I try to avoid using plastic in our home as much as possible, but I understand the convenience of plastic baggies for snacks on the go. When I am out and about with the kids I like to keep some healthy snacks in my purse for when hunger strikes. There are a lot of great…

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Magazine rack

This is a neat Idea for college students and those who just moved out on their own Clever Shoebox Upcycle via DIY and Craft Tutorials By cutting two parallel  triangles into a shoebox and folding it in the centre, you can t...and a bit strapped for cash!
Why ever buy another wooden or magazine rack for even $3.99 and up. This one at most if you already bought a pair of sneakers or boots save the box… aside from that you just need to go to a dollar or discount store and get shelf lining paper (or tac paper) to decorate it and there ya go. Also the ones you buy in stores do not always fit the large magazines or other items you may need to fit in it.


also good to use as a craft tote just cut a handle into the top! a Quick toolbox for the essential hammer, wrench, screwdriver tape measure and some emergency fuses, flashlight, bulbs, screws, nuts bolts etc.

Woman’s Day… Back to school crafts

 Weekend Projects


I like the collage covered journal! (also good idea to include your pic on or in as ‘This belongs to” with your information

The Bottle cap magnets are cool too  and the notebook paper t-shirt… (but I just don’t care for white shirts…. well maybe if I find a light grey I can make one for myself


DIYs before school starts

FrFelt Cutout Pencil Pouch | 37 Awesome DIYs To Make Before School Starts - also works for paintbrushesom pencil case wraps, to utility book covers, lunch bags, pencil pouches, art rolls, locker accessories, Items for dorms, Wall Hooks, Teacher Gifts, and much more!

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