I was looking for an old fashion hat or coat pin. To me they are either too much for not being able to see the quality before buying or just not what I was looking for in particular. So

I recently got to make a couple of pins of my own. 2 different kinds for Halloween this year

One was to just wear on a shirt or jacket or even a purse.

I had a bit of help from my dad to make this lapel pin as he had the drill bit to make a small hole to string some fishing line through so I could add a few beads to make it look like a blood drip. (which was before I actually found ‘blood drop’ beads grrr)

I asked him one I had the lapel pins if he could cut a bit off the back, (as he had the tool for that, but he was doing it wrong and Ii ended up having to take 3-5 hours just to manually cut part of the lapel backing and filing it down to fit the back of the mouth. (which had he done it the faster way, I might have sold a couple for $10 or $15 but manually, this one at least would cost $25 or 430 as there are a couple of Swarovski Crystals on it.


I also made one to wear on my costume to give it a little color. (I was supposed to be a Vampire Bride so I had an all black dress on..)

Someone took the pic for me and sent it, and its crappy looking when made big. That Bat headband was given to me from a friend that lived not far from Salem Mass. (and likely bought it there for me along with the other bunch of goodies she sent. I bought the dress (one of those store bought witch things) at a good will (probably hell of a lot cheaper than the store) and as it had no décor on the sleeves etc. I got some Lace from the craft store to sew on the sleeves, and I had some ruffle looking ribbon I added to the collar. I made the choker a few years ago but I used the same ribbon I used on the collar as I used for the Choker. Its a cameo but its a skull head. Oh and those white things on my hips are hair barrettes that are skeleton hands.

Being as I was planning to be a vampire bride, I thought I would need a bouquet. Well this is it. To your left of the Bat is a blood drop.

This I started on and had to stop the first time I tried it. The backing broke loose and I just was not able too get the eye pins and wires to go the way I wanted. Not sure how I did it but this one came out maybe not exactly as I’d liked (if you look at the flower above the (your) right side of the bat, you’ll see its pulled in more and not even with the other flowers.


Making your own Ribbon choker

I came across a Camo pendant last year, that is just my taste, sadly it did not come with the backing of a pin so I am going to make it a choker for my Halloween costume so I added the loop on it in the 2nd picture


Step 1 ~ Tools & Materials




Scissors, Measuring Tape, sewing Thread & needles,

Ribbon (size depends on the size of your loop,  mine I think was around an inch give or take) Lace,  or something solid with a ruffle (like what I picked out)

&  Ribbon Ends  also you will need some form of pliers. I used my 3-in-1 tool  (use one that does not have any grooves in it)

Step 2

fold one of the ends & sew it as it is a bit difficult to hold it in a fold & put the Ribbon end over it and be sure its all the way in and then clamp it shut. Sewing it will also help keep the ends from fraying alot



Step 3

making sure you have the ribbon all the way in the Ribbon end, use your pliers and Clamp the ribbon end on




DSCN5855 DSCN5856

Step 4

You are finished with the hard part…



Step 5

now just need some sort of clasp, (which I had to wait til I went to Joanns or Michaels for. For the best look, being as this is victorian style something with a filigree is best.


Well surprisingly michaels didn’t have it, but for once Janne’s actually had something I was looking for.

DSCN5878 DSCN5877

The You put the hook through, then straighten out and push into the ‘clasp’