24 Ridiculously Clever Ways To Organize Your Crafting Supplies

In honor of the spring getting here, here’s a little something for those that plan on a bit of spring cleaning weekend! (or month)

I know the Crafter math gets out of hand and likely your Craft supplies may need to be organized or you might just want to change the way you have them so. I know every so often we (or they) grow out of the current way they are orgaized.

So for your inspiration  here are a few I  liked and the link.

If you have any of your own ideas, or use any of these….I’d love to see them!

send the photo link in the comments I’d love to see what you did.

24 Ridiculously Clever Ways To Organize Your Crafting Supplies

Source: 24 Ridiculously Clever Ways To Organize Your Crafting Supplies


Inspiration station ~Pop-up recipe (?) book

I’m posting this early as I’m sure it takes a while to plan and prepare. Here’s an idea for a Mothers’ day gift or a shower gift for a mom to be (especially if she will make her own baby food).

You can make it for one recipe throughout the book, or make each page a recipe. Either way this would make a great gift full of love for your mom of her, Yours or everyone in the family’s favorite recipe(s).

Even better, is your daughter getting married? Why not make this for her with the family recipes (especially ones passed down) This makes a lovely gift full of love, for anyone. I love the way they include the ingredients with little mini versions of what you need.

Image result for bread; a pop up instructional

Bread: An Instructional Pop-Up Book

Bread: an instructional pop-up book

Image result for bread; a pop up instructional

Image result for bread; a pop up instructional

Search scrapbook Pop up books for inspiration  or for a simpler, not as pretty version (good for school projects)

Pen Pal Kits

I’ve been Pen paling (yeah the snail mail way) since summer of 1994. I do still write to a couple of my original pals, as well as have some new ones. This year I thought of the idea of making a pen pal kit for a couple of mine. It’s a thoughtful gift, the box gives them something to lean on as well as store their paling supplies in, if they do not have a desk. Plus You can also (if you’d like) personalize the top of the box with a monogram,  re-paint it or even use a nice tack paper on it especially if like me you use the good Cigar boxes. Sometimes you don’t even need to as some are nice enough looking.

Whatever your decision make sure  you personalize it with some things they like as well as the sort of stationery they normally use (like Notecards, a writing tablet, or printer paper.) Include a pen, some stickers, and other assorted items.

Take a look at what I’ve included in mine.for my Pal Alisa (it was her 2016 holiday gift)


Sorry this cuts short

Magazine rack

This is a neat Idea for college students and those who just moved out on their own Clever Shoebox Upcycle via DIY and Craft Tutorials By cutting two parallel  triangles into a shoebox and folding it in the centre, you can t...and a bit strapped for cash!
Why ever buy another wooden or magazine rack for even $3.99 and up. This one at most if you already bought a pair of sneakers or boots save the box… aside from that you just need to go to a dollar or discount store and get shelf lining paper (or tac paper) to decorate it and there ya go. Also the ones you buy in stores do not always fit the large magazines or other items you may need to fit in it.


also good to use as a craft tote just cut a handle into the top! a Quick toolbox for the essential hammer, wrench, screwdriver tape measure and some emergency fuses, flashlight, bulbs, screws, nuts bolts etc.

Sewing project #4: Pot Holder handle

ok so I’ll be posting my projects OUT of order as some I have finished, others I have yet to get to and some I am still in the middle of. So


Get started on those handmade holiday gifts! Now is the time to start especially if  its rainy days or weekend projects

Pot holder handle ‘pocket’

Here’s an idea… make quilted pot holder handles! They don’t have to be patchwork like this one, but it would be nice if you tried to find fabric to make it according to their kitchen decor.

Why not make fabric coasters, or hot ‘plates’ to go with it?

So with seeing that potholder, I thought why not make my own… I just won’t make it such a pain to make.

Plus of course all by hand

So for a test I used a part of a brand new pair of underwear because it had flames on it…

©Kim Marie Ostrowski Pot handle

I left part un-sewn so you could see how I did it

I hand sewed 3 of the 4 sides

stuffed it with  polyfibre as thick as I could and as I sewed it shut I still added stuffing to it.

after that I sewed around in the black areas for a ‘quilted’ look

Folded over (as seen here) and sewed shut.

I plan on making some more as gifts for family & friends.. just need to find out what color their kitchens are or at least their favorite color.

When I tested the handle cover I did quite good as I had enough stuffing in it to not burn my hands. Sadly one problem… I made it too long or had the flame too high at some point and a little bit of it got burned one of the times we used it.



K3O: Decorative Notecards

Kims knock out Customs

I recently have been making a few note cards of my own by hand (with tape as the design)

You can see one or 2 of the samples in my Etsy shop Plus there is an image of more patterns that would be in the assortment or if you want them all the same.

here’s a larger version of the patterns available

notecard designs