Image Transfer

Depending on what you are working with there are 2 ways to do this

The first is if you want to ‘trace’ something into your journal or on a report etc. I learned about this recently.

This one is great for those of you that journal, or might want to make your own picture but can’t quite get it just right so you can use a few different images to put it together to create it

Get some GRAPHITE paper  this can be erased after you have gone over it in the color you want.

make sure when you purchase in a store it says graphite as Carbon will not erase.


Transfer an image to wood, clay etc by using

a printed image, and some baby oil!  as seen here


Dream Catcher



There’s nothing nicer than getting a Dreamcatcher than when it is made with love by a friend or family member.

I see people with them in their car, it’s called a dream catcher not Accident catcher… it is supposed to be hung on the wall above your bed where you lay your head.


here is some information on them and what each one (depending on how many points they have) mean

The Truth about Dream catchers   * dream catcher .org

If I remember right, the ones with a bead or 2.. the beads signify the bad dreams it has caught.

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