24 Ridiculously Clever Ways To Organize Your Crafting Supplies

In honor of the spring getting here, here’s a little something for those that plan on a bit of spring cleaning weekend! (or month)

I know the Crafter math gets out of hand and likely your Craft supplies may need to be organized or you might just want to change the way you have them so. I know every so often we (or they) grow out of the current way they are orgaized.

So for your inspiration  here are a few I  liked and the link.

If you have any of your own ideas, or use any of these….I’d love to see them!

send the photo link in the comments I’d love to see what you did.

24 Ridiculously Clever Ways To Organize Your Crafting Supplies

Source: 24 Ridiculously Clever Ways To Organize Your Crafting Supplies


Travel writing and art kits

Travel Art Kits. ...maybe put a flap over the top of the pencil holder so that they won't fall out. i love this idea though!


This is great for those that go on weekend road trips or long vacations. Why not (if you do not already) get a journal lined or a blank page (sketchbook) and write (and or) draw your adventures. This will help keep all the tools you need with you and right at hand! Pen, Pencil, eraser, glue stick or tape, some colored pens, pencils or markers to color in your doodles. Even a pocket for an extra memory card for your phone or camera as well as USB drive.


I have and usually use a Vaults locking Pencil box like this one

my problem is…I don’t have the room for the book (unless maybe its one of the smallest moleskine ones

Vaultz Pencil Box

Here’s a larger sized one  they call a medicine case which oddly enough I believe was cheaper than the pencil case!  Here’s a locking Clipboard which may be of some help if you want to draw or write when there’s nothing to lean on There’s also a ‘wooden’ sketch box I came across but sadly they don’t show what the inside is like this is where the idea came.

There are other more tecno based journals and pens called smart pens and books… Like Fly fusion , Livescribe and now Moleskine has them as well

from… http://sketchbookblog.tumblr.com/post/936932032/dressing-up-your-sketchbook