Wig Jig Beautiful Blue ribbons

This would be a great piece to add to the Blue moon  (search moon or Blue moon… it was published November 11 2015)

Pg 5 Ribboned Beads and Wire Necklace Jewelry Making Project made with WigJig jewelry tools and jewelry supplies.:


Making your own Ribbon choker

I came across a Camo pendant last year, that is just my taste, sadly it did not come with the backing of a pin so I am going to make it a choker for my Halloween costume so I added the loop on it in the 2nd picture


Step 1 ~ Tools & Materials




Scissors, Measuring Tape, sewing Thread & needles,

Ribbon (size depends on the size of your loop,  mine I think was around an inch give or take) Lace,  or something solid with a ruffle (like what I picked out)

&  Ribbon Ends  also you will need some form of pliers. I used my 3-in-1 tool  (use one that does not have any grooves in it)

Step 2

fold one of the ends & sew it as it is a bit difficult to hold it in a fold & put the Ribbon end over it and be sure its all the way in and then clamp it shut. Sewing it will also help keep the ends from fraying alot



Step 3

making sure you have the ribbon all the way in the Ribbon end, use your pliers and Clamp the ribbon end on




DSCN5855 DSCN5856

Step 4

You are finished with the hard part…



Step 5

now just need some sort of clasp, (which I had to wait til I went to Joanns or Michaels for. For the best look, being as this is victorian style something with a filigree is best.


Well surprisingly michaels didn’t have it, but for once Janne’s actually had something I was looking for.

DSCN5878 DSCN5877

The You put the hook through, then straighten out and push into the ‘clasp’




I came across this in my travels, I forget where it came from but take no credit for it

I thought a headband would dress up (at least a little) an outfit with a sport jacket   or something with shorts. you can keep your hair off your face and you may be able if you practice by putting it on with your hair in a bun . another way of doing it is by cutting the elastic and sewing it or just using regular elastic like hey use in sweatpants. However this is definitely an easier faster way

So easyIf you normally use material in sewing projects why not upcycle some of the longer pieces  to use for a colorful version