Sewing Projects #5 – Drawstring bags

I found this fabric in Walmart as a ‘fat quarter’ and thought: “Hey I DSCN6219could make a bag for Max (the boy across the street from me) He was a big Batman fan for years, now he’s ‘Graduated’ to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (wonder if his mama will let him watch the new movie… man they sound more stupid as thugs than they do with the surfer voices.

This project can be done by sewing or the no-sew way (you just need the heat-bond to do it.)

I did the more simple drawstring with one string so you just have to knot it at one end.


leather cord (or Faux version), or shoelace (some strong ‘string’or chord that’s durable)

-1 fat quarter (or something bigger depending on the need for the size of the bag you will make.

-Either heat-bond + an Iron

*you can also better secure it by sewing it or at least a little sewing on each corner  with  Needle & Thread (or machine)


How To

  1. with the non-image side facing you, Fold a piece over at the top and set your pins. If you want, before that you can include the string as there have been times I didn’t at this point and couldn’t get it through to finish off.    You could cut a thin piece of heat-bond and set it but be sure the bond is only at the lower part of the fold because if you haven’t already folded the fabric over the string, it may be hard to get it through later. (This if anything at all should be the one spot you do sew to be sure the string stays secured)
  2.  sew or heat-bond the side while the image is still not showing (You can also do both, use the heat-bond to tack it down and then sew it after.
  3.  sew the bottom shut.
  4.  Turn right side out
  5. sew the chord or string into the top and don’ forget to knot it. (This is the easiest way for a drawstring bag.)


Now you have a nice gift or Party loot bag, or whatever you want it to be a bag.

I’ll have to find a piece to make another to do a How-to video for the no-sew version. Just need to get the iron and board out and no one around to be in the way.



Wheelchair/Walker Bag

I came across this Betty Boop fabric in a Walmart and my Nana’s Name is Elizabeth but everyone calls her betty and Buys her Betty Boop stuff. When I was little my Nana used to crochet etc a lot but now she’s in her 90s! and the arthritis won’t let her. Being this year we had to put her in a home (she wanted it, after  she fell.) at the time they had her in a wheel chair, then I heard she was using her walker again. So I thought I’d make a small bag she can leave on either to put whatever she wanted in. (Although when I went she leaves her purse on the walker way too obvious for my taste!)

I may use the other one as a lounge chair bag to put a small paperback book in chapstick a couple dollars etc or I may see if I have something else more me to use.(Halloween or something summery like tyedye)

Faux Patchwork

I’m not fond of the Pattern patchwork or faux patchwork. I am making my own Patchwork ….something! (originaly it was a body pillow cover) but I am trying to make it as big as possible and for use as a utility ‘blanket’ (which I need to find the old photo of it as the pillow case and take a few new photos of it as it is now.

To me patchwork is supposed to be the pieces of fabric that were left over from other projects, squares, strips etc.

anyway here’s a

How to Make a Quick and Easy Quilted Patchwork

2016 Sewing project #1 ~upcycling jeans to an apron

So I was looking through my Fabrics & Sewing Pinboard  for inspiration for something to make> I remembered there were a DSCN6177few things I wanted to make…

apron for craft/tag sales, but when I looked at it, I thought, well I don’t exactly do craft shows so maybe I’ll see what I can do with upcycling a favorite pair of jeans.    I’m going to try to make it in a way that I can use it when it’s not an apron.

tablet ‘bean bag’ and those pyramids things that cost $30 & up to lean your book or tablet against (and had pockets etc. )

The right side I am trying to remove, to use for the pyramid! (its 3 pockets on that side, so one for a stylus, pen, and whatever and then when I find something I can make the pockets (organizer areas) on the other sides.

Between the 2 projects, I’ll only use the waist as seen in the picture, and one of the legs (as so far estimated) I don’t use patterns even when working on something from scratch, (and this is not from scratch as it already had a shape and got used! I mean  when I have ‘fresh’ fabric. I just pin what I need, in the way I need it one step at a time


So I started this the weekend of 8 or 9th of January, not sure if I could have done the whole thing within the weekend but there’s other things we have to do throughout the day, right?!


Step 1:  Cut the legs off  (I think I did so about 2-3 inches from the point of the back pocket.

step 2: we need to de-thread the waist band from the front part of the jeans (where the pockets are)

step 3: now one side along the hip needs to be de-threaded (un-threaded?) but once you get it off, save this for another project you could use pockets on.

Step 4: sew along the line to close off the waist band careful NOT to sew the pocket area back into the waist band… that is supposed to be a hidden pocket/tote.

step 5. I used heat bond for the fold over & where the zipper used to be, as I wanted  ‘hidden’ pockets and tote.

step 6:  sew along the top of folded area and bottom (if there’s enough room & you’d like add some embroidery like your name or your business etc)  I sew this because I don’t know what I’ll be putting in the hidden tote area.

step 7: sew up where the zipper area is

step 8:  I still have to figure out how to close this off so it looks somewhat like a book cover and able to really use it as a 2 (or even 3) in 1.

Supplies I used

(via Amazon)

Old pair of jeans
spool of thread that (closely)matches the color previously used on the jeans.(especially if there’s a design on the pockets)

(I think I saw the color in this) Name Your Link
Equinox Tailor’s Scissors – Dressmaking, Upholstery Shears 8 inch – Chrome Handle Lightweight Strong Shears – High Quality Stainless Steel – Best for Cutting Fabric, Carpet, Dresses, Altering, Sewing, Tailoring and Raw Materials (8 inch)

Dritz Quilter’s T Pins, 1-3/4-Inch, 40 Count

Dritz Deluxe Seam Ripper

Clover Leather Coin Thimble

Thermoweb Heat’n Bond Ultra Hold Iron-On Adhesive-17″X36″

here’s the semi finished 2 in 1 apron  (I just have to sew certain areas)


So for my first project article of the year please tell me what you think, if I was missing anything and how you would like me to improve upon this.


and for those of you who have a kindle… get the Craftsy app Craftsy Classes (beta)  They have classes of all sorts including ones for free! I have posted some to my wishlist on there so I have them saved for a time I can pay attention to them.