Wheelchair/Walker Bag

I came across this Betty Boop fabric in a Walmart and my Nana’s Name is Elizabeth but everyone calls her betty and Buys her Betty Boop stuff. When I was little my Nana used to crochet etc a lot but now she’s in her 90s! and the arthritis won’t let her. Being this year we had to put her in a home (she wanted it, after  she fell.) at the time they had her in a wheel chair, then I heard she was using her walker again. So I thought I’d make a small bag she can leave on either to put whatever she wanted in. (Although when I went she leaves her purse on the walker way too obvious for my taste!)

I may use the other one as a lounge chair bag to put a small paperback book in chapstick a couple dollars etc or I may see if I have something else more me to use.(Halloween or something summery like tyedye)


the ‘perfect’ wallet- Weekend Project

Sick of those in store wallets who’s pockets are too small for the cards, or those skinny wallets that are hard to get your cards out of etc?

Make your own wallet! click the link & read up. While looking at it I also got ideas for a planner/ journal cover, as well.

That could be part wallet so no one would know!


DIY The Perfect Fabric Wallet... 6 card slots, coin pocket, bill slot, receipt slot, great tutorial!


Old Fashioned Needlework

I have the book  The American Girls Handy Book and it includes all sorts of how to’s as well as ideas for parties etc

I scanned the pages for the Old Fashioned Needle work for those that may be new to sewing or would like to work to better it.


If you want to get a peak inside the book Check out this Amazon  link  American Girls Handy Book: How to Amuse Yourself and Others (Nonpareil Books)