Drawstring bag and Craft’sist

I made this bag for my dad to protect one of his fishing reels.


Make This Lovely Pillow Sham Without Using A Needle Or Thread…

Spring Cleaning? add a new look to your throw pillows with just some fabric

She Makes This Lovely Pillow Sham Without Needle Or Thread  http://www.viralvo.com/lovely-pillow/

This is like origami for fabrics called furoshiki and you can find more techniques on the site.



Pocket Letters, link free tutorial; see my DIY kits to get you started; thrill your penpal !

I think i may have posted something for Pocket letters
i love that window looking one at the bottom left and the wine theme top left (that would be something to do for mom i just have too many interests and projects to do already )

which reminds me I do have to take a picture of something I finished, it was easy to do and for those of you who make jewelry to sell or your own it’s something I think is a great idea.

first you need to procure a WOOD cigar box, at least deep enough for (I think mine is 1 – 1 1/2 inches. Be sure it’s one of the ones with hinges and is at least 6×9 inches. when you stand it up with the hinges on the left it should be at least 8-9 inches long (or close)

creative vintage studio

What are they?  Here is a link that explains them.


Now that you know about them….they are so much fun to get and receive.  Your art friends and even your non art friends will be thrilled to open the mail box and find a stuffed #10 envelop with their name on it.  When they open it up and see all the clever things you have enclosed for them to enjoy and use in their own pocket letters they will love you.  There is also the letter that is tucked into one of the pockets , that expresses your personal greetings.

I have been doing swaps like these fb pages;



thee are closed group but just request joining and they will let you in.

I am also cleaning out my craft studio and I have lots of art cards ( 2.5 x 3.5 inches) and pocket holders that…

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