Sneaker lace or keychain

a Cute spring keychain or way to lace your sneakers

Shoelace  Project-Simple-beading_02


Silver & Pearl Necklace



Still have a couple of gifts to give? Why not make them!?!!?! You have enough time.  why not make a whole set use the idea for a bracelet then make matching earrings for mom, grams or an aunt? You can also do more and just make bracelets.


Simple OL Jewelry DIY on How to Make a Silver Gray Pearl Necklace with Ribbon Tie:

33 Gifts you can make in less than an Hour

With the Holiday around the corner I thought this would be a great post to get to work on. Do 1 a day or a few a day (or over the weekends. I always love getting a handmade item, it shows your friend or family member you put thought and a lot of time and care into the gift.  handmade gifts to me (if if you do not need or like it) show me that the person who gave it to me really does care and love me.


So consider these the crafts for the week as there is a little of everything


some of my favorites from the list

#1 Grown-Up Hot Cocoa KIt grown up Hot Cocoa kit. No it’s not handmade, but any alcohol during the holidays is needed for me to deal with my family.

#3 Recipe Cutting Board for this Recipe cutting board you will likely need a burn tool

#4 i do like the geode ring, but if Its only hot glued on it may not hold for long

#6 Bookmarks Tassel and Pom-Pom Bookmarks  anything made Is fine, but I prefer beaded book ‘thongs’


 I came across these years back in Waldenbooks, picked up a few (one in which was overused so finally fell apart) and last year I believe my friend Alisa gifted me one. I’ve made one or 2 in time but I usually end up keeping them!

#8 Did one of your favorite earrings, Pins or some other piece of Jewelry break?Upcycle it into a magnet.

(or if you want I may be able to fix it.!!! take a picture let me know what it was and I’ll let you know if I think I can or not)

#18 Colorful Bangle

The Pencil case & knit/crochet needle pockets

#23 Cat-Toe Flats