How to Tye Dye

I love Tye Dye, and really should have included a picture of some of my shirts.(though I didn’t make them but I sort of have a collection and surprisingly, even the ones I got in the 1990s still fit! Well minus one, but that one I’ll be adding in some fashion to my Patchwork blanket.

Before actually making the shirt, get some old white t-shirts (like rags) to practice first. say cut one shirt into pieces so you can test doing certain techniques. You can later use them as napkins if you’d like or anything else you can think of. 

How to Tye Dye from tye dye your summer

Once you have practiced using and testing colors (stick to your favorite 3-5) you will then likely know how to do what type of pattern on your clothing. (what do you think of Tye Dye shorts? Shirts are better right!?!?! Find a white bathing suit? Tye Dye it! Anything old can be new again!

Just make sure if its an activity for the kiddos, that you stand by and watch. Be sure its in a ‘foot tub’ or bucket and that its in the bath tub when you do it. (or better yet OUTSIDE so they can hang it up, or let it drip dry a bit first. Usually using heat will help keep the color, but be sure when you go to wash it, do it by hand first few time with some diluted vinegar it is supposed to keep the colors from ‘leaking’ out.

You can even make mom and dad Mother’s and Father’s day gifts. Make a Tye dye themed B-B-Q… Placemats, Cloth Napkins…mmm what else?

Then if you are one of those families that goes on a trip together or has a family reunion…  Make your own tye dye the shirts, and just buy some iron on transfers to make Your Family’s last name (or joint name)  2019  &  (on bottom…. ) Family Reunion.

Why not turn an older white blanket or sheet set into tye dye (if you need a change) while you are at it, make some of your socks tye Dye for those cooler spring days





k30 2019 Collection

So far I’ve made the following The first 2 are gifts (photos taken with my kindle)


made as a Thank you gift I made 2 pairs as I wasn’t sure how long the person would like them.

Owls on a branch a late Secret Santa all I knew is the person liked owls.

I know I need to see if the store still has more of these as I think I want to make more! These came out cuter than I thought and wanted to keep them for myself!


















The following are available for


(Sorry the natural light was disappearing)




(Sorry the natural light was disappearing)

Hopefully Next month I’ll remember to post more if I’ve made anything else for my PERSONAL collection, or as a gift.

Mandala Drawing Templates

I have a few mandalas I printed out froma search, but none that I have made myself. I can’t draw well so maybe this will help.

Julie Erin Designs

mandala worksheet template

My friends, I have created sometemplates to help draw mandalas more easily!  

Using these, you will no longer need to use a compass or random household objects to draw circles for your mandalas.

To download the templates: Click on the image of the template to open in full size, then right click and download or print straight from your browser.

Then, you can either draw straight on the print-out or place it underneath another sheet of paper and trace.


In person the lines underneath are more apparent, so it is very easy to see and trace them. I simply used a few paperclips to keep the 2 pieces of paper together, but you could use a bit of tape or something else you have handy.

Note: The image above shows the template under printer paper so it may show through sketchbook paper slightly less, but should still be well enough…

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11 Ideas for Organizing Your Living Room

There are some creative ways to organize (like #2s Couch Caddy, I also like #7 wonder if it would work to make into a book case/shelving Would be nice if you were able to set it up around your bed or furniture. in case you have a tight space. Like for a ‘shelf’ behind your couch, or a Coffee table. (Youo could even uses smaller boxes etc for drawers in one )
I also like #8 sadly however we do not have those sort of arm rests on our couch.

11 Ideas for Organizing Your Living Room