Inspiration station ~Pop-up recipe (?) book

I’m posting this early as I’m sure it takes a while to plan and prepare. Here’s an idea for a Mothers’ day gift or a shower gift for a mom to be (especially if she will make her own baby food).

You can make it for one recipe throughout the book, or make each page a recipe. Either way this would make a great gift full of love for your mom of her, Yours or everyone in the family’s favorite recipe(s).

Even better, is your daughter getting married? Why not make this for her with the family recipes (especially ones passed down) This makes a lovely gift full of love, for anyone. I love the way they include the ingredients with little mini versions of what you need.

Image result for bread; a pop up instructional

Bread: An Instructional Pop-Up Book

Bread: an instructional pop-up book

Image result for bread; a pop up instructional

Image result for bread; a pop up instructional

Search scrapbook Pop up books for inspiration  or for a simpler, not as pretty version (good for school projects)


How to Stay Creative

life hacks: ANY thought you have for anything, Write it sketch it or a bit of both just so you can retain it when it’s more convenient to really write it out, draw or paint it. This is to keep the reminder of the vision you had for it, and to retain it.

I carry some sort of pad with me at all times, (even if it’s just my little palm sized planner, I figured this way when In a bind, I can at least make a quick note or the basic plot idea, character name or poem I got an idea for


Here is what I have for my Pocket journal (via amazon) and it literally fits in my back pocket or a tiny purse etc!


Here’s a cheaper way to go 

I can even make one for you, $5 (for materials and includes postage) or see if the journal or Post-it pads are of interest to you. Have something  specific in mind,

Tell me what text and colors you want  Zazzle account. 

Splatter Nails tutorial

Let me guess, You are probably thinking that I was working on my blogs at the same time and put this one on here and the craft one int he beauty blog right? WRONG!  (though I did probably include it in the beauty blog as well)

I thought this was an idea for painting like making clouds use a q-tip and or cotton balls!!!

splish splatter.:

Paint chips /swatches

So what can you do with the free paint chips?

One They can be used for table settings, Make confetti, use them as journal cards (write a quote a day on them, or as a journal themselves write a small summary of something great that happened You’ll have a very colorful journal (or just one color depending on what you prefer) use them for an art project like mixed media like they can be used as skyscrapers etc.

Use them in a presentation (like a bar graph)  and many others you can find here