The Shredded banksy

When I first heard about this I also saw the video at the same time and they didn’t get to saying it was shredded the moment it was sold.

I stood in HORROR at it. All I could do was mouth WTF?

My thoughts wee all over the place, Painting Terrorists, is there some art world prank war, HOW the heck did that just happen and likely another 10-25 thoughts that bombarded me.

So what’s up with it? I thought any of you that like to paint, draw sculpt might like to give a read if you have not come across this article yet

The Banksy art that sold for a million



Make a pocket letter

A pocket letter is like mini scrapbook. This is a cool idea for when you are away (on vacation for a rainy day while at camp) put some of your souvenirs  and photos together send one to yourself and to whoever you wish was with you! I’m sure you can think of many things and ways to fill the pockets. Did you go to the beach? Include some of the sand in a little baggie (like a 1/2 -1 inch size. If you include some small shells be sure to use a bubble envelope.


Image Transfer

Depending on what you are working with there are 2 ways to do this

The first is if you want to ‘trace’ something into your journal or on a report etc. I learned about this recently.

This one is great for those of you that journal, or might want to make your own picture but can’t quite get it just right so you can use a few different images to put it together to create it

Get some GRAPHITE paper  this can be erased after you have gone over it in the color you want.

make sure when you purchase in a store it says graphite as Carbon will not erase.


Transfer an image to wood, clay etc by using

a printed image, and some baby oil!  as seen here

How to Stay Creative

life hacks: ANY thought you have for anything, Write it sketch it or a bit of both just so you can retain it when it’s more convenient to really write it out, draw or paint it. This is to keep the reminder of the vision you had for it, and to retain it.

I carry some sort of pad with me at all times, (even if it’s just my little palm sized planner, I figured this way when In a bind, I can at least make a quick note or the basic plot idea, character name or poem I got an idea for


Here is what I have for my Pocket journal (via amazon) and it literally fits in my back pocket or a tiny purse etc!


Here’s a cheaper way to go 

I can even make one for you, $5 (for materials and includes postage) or see if the journal or Post-it pads are of interest to you. Have something  specific in mind,

Tell me what text and colors you want  Zazzle account. 

Travel writing and art kits

Travel Art Kits. ...maybe put a flap over the top of the pencil holder so that they won't fall out. i love this idea though!

This is great for those that go on weekend road trips or long vacations. Why not (if you do not already) get a journal lined or a blank page (sketchbook) and write (and or) draw your adventures. This will help keep all the tools you need with you and right at hand! Pen, Pencil, eraser, glue stick or tape, some colored pens, pencils or markers to color in your doodles. Even a pocket for an extra memory card for your phone or camera as well as USB drive.

I have and usually use a Vaults locking Pencil box like this one

my problem is…I don’t have the room for the book (unless maybe its one of the smallest moleskine ones

Vaultz Pencil Box

Here’s a larger sized one  they call a medicine case which oddly enough I believe was cheaper than the pencil case!  Here’s a locking Clipboard which may be of some help if you want to draw or write when there’s nothing to lean on There’s also a ‘wooden’ sketch box I came across but sadly they don’t show what the inside is like this is where the idea came.

There are other more tecno based journals and pens called smart pens and books… Like Fly fusion , Livescribe and now Moleskine has them as well


Splatter Nails tutorial

Let me guess, You are probably thinking that I was working on my blogs at the same time and put this one on here and the craft one int he beauty blog right? WRONG!  (though I did probably include it in the beauty blog as well)

I thought this was an idea for painting like making clouds use a q-tip and or cotton balls!!!

splish splatter.: